Avast software is available for all types of devices and operating systems. Even the free antivirus package comes up with many additional features like Wi-Fi scanner, gaming mode, software updater, etc. Such amazing features stand Avast in the list to top antivirus providers.

In this article, we shall discuss available features of Avast free antivirus version and also talk about some missing features.

Advantages of Avast Software

Let’s start exploring Avast features one by one.

Avast Protection Against Virus

Basically, Avast is an antivirus which was founded in 1988 and this time it has about 435 million users. Talking about protection, Avast keeps your devices fully secure against the virus.

It automatically detects when you are connected with the internet and visit any malicious site. You can also manually scan your system. There are two options quick scan and deep scan. Avast antivirus software’s scanning process is also fast.

Avast Software Updater

Avast antivirus software comes up with this valuable feature which is being provided free of cost. In Avast’s software updater section, you can easily check the outdated pieces of software and then update them with one click.

Avast Wi-Fi Scanning Feature

Avast antivirus software also has an option to scan Wi-Fi. Either you are in the home, office or in a public place, whenever you will try to connect your device with Wi-Fi, Avast will scan it and check if there is any danger.

Avast Password Manager

Avast unexpectedly offering password manager along with the free version. It is simple and has all the necessary features. You can easily save the information and secure login to the devices like a bank account their encryption must be secure and private.

Avast Browser

By default, a web browser also comes up with Avast antivirus package for Windows. Its software is great from security and privacy point of view. It’s browsing speed is almost equal to Google Chrome.

You can also try Avast browser if you want to stay protected from malicious sites.

Can Avast also Protect from Malware?

The simple answer is yes. Avast not only protects from the virus but also from all types of malware. Anyhow, it fails to protect against 0-day malware.

Disadvantages of Avast Software

On the other hand, there are some cons of using Avast antivirus free version.

Highly Effect System

Avast antivirus badly affects your PC performance and your system slows down. Sometimes, it uses more than 60% CPU even if you are not running any scanning program.

Anyhow, this problem can be sorted out Also. CPU is being used by a component of Avast antivirus software called Avast cleanup. Simply go to the component section and remove the cleanup component. Now your system is faster.

Last Words

These were the features of Avast software. Overall, it is a well reputed and a well-performing software and also available for free so you can use it for your devices and virtual data protection from being infected or hacked.