AVG is a popular and well-reputed security brand in the market. It is providing antivirus, VPN, system optimizer and many other security features or many called software as an individual package for personal as well as businesses. You can use its apps on every device and operating system. Anyhow, there are only two supported AVG software for iPhone.

Unfortunately, AVG antivirus cannot be used on the iPhone. iOS does not allow any antivirus software to take control of your device. As compared to Android, Apple does not like can not give much control on your iOS devices, hence usually applications who ask for deep controls over devices are not allowed which will ultimately keep you protect.

The biggest example is the antivirus. You can not install an antivirus or anti-malware application. Anyhow, Apple’s iOS is itself responsible for such issues and their program is strong enough to detect and remove them.

Do iPhone and iPad need Antivirus?

No, iOS devices do not need any antivirus and anti-malware software or app. Luckily, the security of iOS is fully advance and Apple makes endless efforts to keep its users secure.

As I already told that iOS is designed in a way that apps can not take access over your device, unlike Android phones. Further, the Apple store only lists software after making sure that it is sure for users.

iPhone and iPad devices only can be infected if you have enabled jailbreak and you are installing an app from any outsource. Malicious apps are the only way by which your devices can be damaged.

What is the AVG Software for iPhone and iPad?

Currently, AVG is offering two types of software for the iPhone and iPad. First one is AVG VPN and the second one is AVG Family Safety app. In this article, we would discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both applications so that you can make an easy decision.

AVG VPN for iPhone

AVG offers a virtual private network (VPN) free and paid versions. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s do a side by side comparison.

Advantages of AVG VPN for iPhone

AVG VPN is easy to use the app with secure bank-level encryption. You can choose the desired location from 50 available locations.

Take a look at their other features:

· No virus or malware

· Bank level encryption

· Browse fully anonymously

· 50 locations

· The free version also being offered

· Great support

· User-friendly (Easy to use)

· No browsing or downloading limit

· Up to 5 devices can be connected using a single account.

Disadvantages of AVG VPN for iPhone

On the other side, there are many cons of AVG VPN.

· Slow speed even on optimized connection

· No clear policy about log files

· Only a few servers support Netflix

· Limited P2P and Torrenting servers

Bottom Line

Based on the reviews of users on Reddit and other social sites, AVG rating is below than average. Seriously, no one would like slow speed and being tracked by anyone when he is paying a handsome amount for that service. Finally, AVG VPN is not being recommended by us for your iPhones, iPads and even for Android or Windows.

AVG Family Safety Application

AVG Family Safety app is a browser which can be installed on the iPhone and iPad. It has two modes one is filtering and the other is monitoring. It not only provides you protection but also can be used by parents to block sites that are harmful to their children.

Advantages of AVG Family Safety App

Pros of AVG Family Safety application or browser includes:

· Parental Controls

· Protection against fraud and phishing sites

· Protection from malicious content

· AVG does not track prevents websites from collecting your activities

Disadvantages of AVG Family Safety App

There are no major cons to this application. It works great and can be marked as better for ease of use. Anyhow, below are the minor disadvantages that I noticed:

· Lack of advanced tools

· Some sites need to add manually

· No call monitoring

Bottom Line

AVG Family Safety application is a good software and except Windows, Android, it can also be used on iOS devices.