Business Management and Board portal Software Selection Guide

Every day more and more efficiency is required from companies to run a successful business. Thus, board portals play an important role here. In this article, more about it. 

Video technologies in the business sphere

Working with third-party innovations at every stage plays a very important role. The advent of the Internet has reduced the cost of electronic communications due to its low cost of data transmission and significantly increased the speed of information exchange, which led to increased money and material resources. Internet-based electronic communications offer the following prospects for business:

  • development of new markets;
  • attracting new customers;
  • reduction of time spent on work;
  • prompt response to market changes.

Video conferencing is a complex telecommunication service that allows organizing communication in large and small groups of people who are at a great distance from each other. In this case, all participants in video conferencing can communicate freely with each other, see and hear each other, exchange documents and any amount of information in digital format, as well as make presentations, correspondence, and work together on one document. One of the main advantages that video conferencing gives us is the ability to be simultaneously in several places, thousands of kilometers away, without leaving the office. 

Video conferencing systems are used by large private and public companies to build the most efficient communication system. With the help of video conferencing, video conferencing participants share experiences, information, documentation, entire databases, learn, and most importantly – can make important decisions collectively.

Video communication is in many situations more effective than a telephone call. If it is necessary to demonstrate any documents, graphics, projects, then with a boardroom there is nothing easier.

How to choose a good board portal?

To choose a reliable board portal the following points should be considered:

  • Security. Depending on the goals of your board, you can restrict access to it. You may also want to keep the list of members and their contact information confidential. If your webinar is paid, you would like to protect your visitors’ payment information.
  • Engaging the audience. The difference between a great and a boring webinar is often how involved your audience is. Good boardroom software includes tools to help you interact with your audience: the ability to use chat, conduct surveys, ask questions, use question-and-answer sessions during the workshop.
  • The number of participants. Many platforms for boards to some extent determine their value depending on the number of participants. This makes some sense because more participants require more resources. You would like to choose a platform that includes both the planned number of participants and your budget.
  • Record. Many board leaders want to be able to record a webinar. This can be useful if you want to view it. You may also want to share his record on your website or online. Some tools automatically record webinars.
  • Screen sharing. Being able to show your visitors your own screen can be an important training option. This feature will also be useful if you are using a webinar to sell software or online tools. Think carefully about whether you need this option among the tools of your webinar.
  • Analytics. The ability to measure and track data relevant to the board can be useful. However, be careful when choosing a platform with this option. Make sure the suggested analytics features measure exactly what you want.
  • Support. When choosing an online resource or software, it is important to think about the possibility of technical support. The latter can be useful if something went wrong or a question arose during the launch of the board.