Does your pet live in the yard? Then the question of a really good dog house arises especially sharply. Even if your dog is a cold-resistant breed, it needs its place where it can sleep, hide from the weather, and relax after games.

Pet shops offer a huge selection of different dog houses: from small to large, from plastic to metal. How to figure out and choose the best model? Read our great elevated dog houses review.

Material Overview

To get started, let’s look at the basic materials from which dog houses are made today. Previously, these were only wooden houses, but now the market is ready to offer solutions from:

  • plastic
  • metal
  • building materials
  • plywood

And at the same time, models may have additional functions: ventilation, camera, fountain and so on.

Plastic Dog Houses

The most popular trend in 2019 is plastic. Why? Plastic is the cheapest, water-resistant, easy to wash and move, light in weight. In design possibilities, it is not inferior even to wood. In the assortment of the store you can find models in the form:

  • domed igloo
  • classic house
  • huge palace

And despite the seeming insecurity, the plastic doghouse can be perfectly insulated, protecting the dog from the sun, snow, and rain. And an additional ventilation system inside will provide access to air, without lowering the temperature.

Wood: a Classic that Everyone Trusts

If you do not support artificial materials and trust environmentally friendly solutions, then wood is what you need. It is also affordable, offered in a variety of design solutions, and has several advantages:

  • availability
  • reliability
  • protection against cold and wind
  • keeps warm inside
  • no harmful substances

Also, such a model will be easy to build on your own or buy in a store. There are enough options for choosing:

  • gable house
  • with a small patio
  • double house for two dogs
  • models with a vestibule and windows
  • simple classics and real palaces

You can find options for any breed and dog size. Or design it yourself, as you see fit. An important point when choosing a wooden house is the choice of wood material. Many recommend paying attention to the pine model, because it is resistant to moisture, cedar because it is not afraid of bark beetles. However, you should not additionally process the tree with something. Chemicals can produce an unpleasant odor and dogs are very sensitive to them.

Pet shops also offer metal models. But they perform the function of an aviary and are not suitable for the constant keeping of the animal inside. In the end, metal structures are often made in the form of cells, they can not protect from cold, nor rain and heat.

On the other hand, this is a good playpen for puppies and young dogs, where you can place animals to teach them how to observe the territories or allow animals to walk, without the risk that they will run away or get lost.

Final Word

Wooden booths prove their reliability for more than one generation. Therefore, this is the first option that dog owners resort to when they think about buying a dog house. Also today, plastic models are gaining popularity, because they offer so many options for design and size.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide which model is the best to choose. The main thing you should keep in mind is the size of the dog and the needs. Try to choose a house so that it does not feel discomfort, and is always protected from adverse weather.