How to Choose the Best Business Antivirus in 2019?

The market for antivirus software is abundant. If you are looking for an antivirus solution for your business, you should be especially attentive and careful. You can easily pick a great program as soon as you define what exactly you want. Let’s focus on the algorithm of choosing the best business antivirus 2019.

The initial step to getting the best antivirus for business

When you start searching for a reliable software, you need to discard free versions at once. As soon as you establish this, the next important thing is to calculate how much you are willing to spend on it. Think of the sum but don’t forget to think about the features you want as well. Pick the program that doesn’t only deliver core protection but has lots of other tools to keep your company’s data safe from hackers and all kinds of threats.

You may also take a closer look at companies that offer big bundles with tools like a disk cleaner, a firewall, a VPN, secure browsing tools, etc. Once you define what you want and how much you can afford to spend, you’ll be halfway to the best business antivirus of 2019.

The necessity of antivirus protection

There is no doubt every company needs reliable antivirus software. Even average users need it. However, the peculiarity of business requires complete security. Your files, projects, financial records, etc. must stay only within the company. You don’t want a random virus or malware to steal or damage the files. This can greatly harm your business.

When you are ready to make a choice, it’s better to explore the results of the independent lab tests. They honestly show the percentage of detected threats as well as what the software failed to notice.

Other factors important for antivirus for business purposes:

  1. Assess the work of customer support. You need to make sure the team of experts can quickly and efficiently help you with any occurring issue.
  2. Find out more about the subscription plan and how many devices it can cover. It’ll be more convenient to pay one bill and keep track of the expenses.
  3. Evaluate the performance and find out if it slows down your PC. This can become crucial for your business so get this information beforehand.

The best business antivirus 2019

When talking about particular options, the best ones on the market are Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton, etc. Each of them guarantees excellent servicers and protection from various malware, phishing sites, viruses, and other online threats.

You can look through the advantages of every option and get the one that suits your needs the most. Think if it brings everything you need. Get to know about the extra tools. Choose the solution your business can benefit from.

Best VPN for Mac

Cyber Ghost VPN:

There is a question mark for mac users when it comes to connect. Which one is the best for us? Therefore, a comparison is being presented here to make their task easy.        

Cyber Ghost is one of the power full and best VPN for mac users. It has almost thirty million users around the world. It serves safe, fast and customizable VPN services. When it is a matter of security, Cyber Ghost secures the all good points all over the world. It fits apps to all devices, specially, Netflix streaming and has a strict no log-save policy of surfing clients. Cyber Ghost has lot to offer for mac users. Following are the pros and cons of Cyber Ghost VPN:


  1. It provides smart rules and supports automation
  2. It provides dedicated IP to its clients
  3. Easy to use and customize with one click


  1. Its ad-blocker allows HTTP web-sites
  2. If you choose for lesser duration, it is costly.

Cyber Ghost at a Glance

Best for

Users needing an easy-to-use product with high bandwidth

Price Range



58 countries, 3,547 servers


Unblocks Netflix US


P2P and torrenting allowed


No logging policy

Number of Devices

Up to 7

Operating Systems

Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Smart tech, Respectively

Browser Extensions

Chrome, Firefox


Security Services/Private Policy

Cyber Ghost provides the best security services to its users. Your data is always protected. It uses industry-standard 256-bit encryption to mask online activity. You are safe even on public Wi-Fi networks.

 This spares IP address, online activity time logs, DNS queries or surfing logs. Moreover, a plus point is, Cyber Ghost does not save the logs of your original IP address. This goes with their policy of no log savings

It provides its users Fire TV and Android TV VPN with multiple platform apps. Its users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, of course a great feature it is. Luckily, it goes with the policy of 45-days money-back guarantee


Cyber Ghost claims 3,500 servers spread out over 50+ countries, it’s not hard to understand why. Cyber Ghost delivers reliable speeds. You can uninterruptedly download, stream and surf.

Cost Effectiveness:

Cyber Ghost monthly package costs you $12.99 if you go for its monthly package. Surely, it is rather a high price. But on the other hand its prices decrease reasonably when you go for one year ($5.99/month ($71.88/1 year), two years ($3.69/month ($88.56/2 years)) and three years ($2.75/month ($99/3 years)) plans.

Good News for Game players:

Sony PlayStation and Windows ICS are the gaming consoles which are supported by Cyber Ghost. Cyber Ghost VPN apps for Customer’s routers and other devices. You need to go through their guides on how to configure specific devices such as VU+ Solo 2, Raspberry Pi, or Sinology NAS.

Customer Support

Cyber Ghost has full 24/7 live chat support. You can also shoot an email for less urgent requests.

Ease to Use

Cyber Ghost is with just a one click on/off facility. You don’t even have to choose a server if you don’t want to. Cyber Ghost will do it for you. You can browse through the list of servers if you want something specific.

Total AV Antivirus

Total AV antivirus is a feature-rich antivirus solution that is available in both free and paid version offers excellent protection against viruses, ransomware, spyware and other types of malware. One of the most consumer-friendly antivirus solutions, Total AV has improved a lot in its service offering, as per the feedback from their customers.

In this article, we will speak about the different aspects related to Total AV antivirus solution and what different it features it has to offer. Let us start with the different operating system that you can run the antivirus solution on, without any problem.


You can make use of the Total AV antivirus solution on a different operating system such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It is compatible with all the major operating system and thus is one of the most widely used consumer-friendly antivirus solution available in the market at present.

For mobile devices that run on Android operating system, you will get antivirus protection, app manager and an optimizer along with the antivirus. For iOS devices, you get an optimizer that will help to increase the speed of your phone and a photo manager that will clean up your photos.

Download and Installation

The download and installation process of the antivirus solution is fairly simple and can be performed by anyone. You do not need to have much technical knowledge to successfully install the antivirus on your device.

To download the software, you will have to search for the official website of Total AV, from where you can either download the free version or the paid version. Regardless of which version you are trying to download, you will have to create an account first.

Once the account is created, you can download the software as easy and start with the installation process. To complete the installation, follow the prompts and the software will be installed successfully on your device.


TotalAV offers great features with its antivirus solution. Apart from the basic protection against viruses and other types of malware that includes spyware, adware, worms, you also get two different scanning options. These scanning options include a quick scan and a full scan. That being said, the full scan options are more efficient as compared to the quick scan.

Apart from this, you also get a VPN service, if you choose to become a paid member of their antivirus subscription. VPN can be a great feature to ensure your privacy and anonymity on the internet. It is a nice addition from Total AV to its antivirus solution. And since not many antivirus providers offer VPN service, Total AV has differentiated their product offering.

Final Thoughts

Total AV antivirus is a good protection software that is easy to download and install and comes with excellent features. With its protection against viruses and malware, there is a VPN service as well that is good to be used.

Avast software

Avast software is available for all types of devices and operating systems. Even the free antivirus package comes up with many additional features like Wi-Fi scanner, gaming mode, software updater, etc. Such amazing features stand Avast in the list to top antivirus providers.

In this article, we shall discuss available features of Avast free antivirus version and also talk about some missing features.

Advantages of Avast Software

Let’s start exploring Avast features one by one.

Avast Protection Against Virus

Basically, Avast is an antivirus which was founded in 1988 and this time it has about 435 million users. Talking about protection, Avast keeps your devices fully secure against the virus.

It automatically detects when you are connected with the internet and visit any malicious site. You can also manually scan your system. There are two options quick scan and deep scan. Avast antivirus software’s scanning process is also fast.

Avast Software Updater

Avast antivirus software comes up with this valuable feature which is being provided free of cost. In Avast’s software updater section, you can easily check the outdated pieces of software and then update them with one click.

Avast Wi-Fi Scanning Feature

Avast antivirus software also has an option to scan Wi-Fi. Either you are in the home, office or in a public place, whenever you will try to connect your device with Wi-Fi, Avast will scan it and check if there is any danger.

Avast Password Manager

Avast unexpectedly offering password manager along with the free version. It is simple and has all the necessary features. You can easily save the information and secure login to the devices like a bank account their encryption must be secure and private.

Avast Browser

By default, a web browser also comes up with Avast antivirus package for Windows. Its software is great from security and privacy point of view. It’s browsing speed is almost equal to Google Chrome.

You can also try Avast browser if you want to stay protected from malicious sites.

Can Avast also Protect from Malware?

The simple answer is yes. Avast not only protects from the virus but also from all types of malware. Anyhow, it fails to protect against 0-day malware.

Disadvantages of Avast Software

On the other hand, there are some cons of using Avast antivirus free version.

Highly Effect System

Avast antivirus badly affects your PC performance and your system slows down. Sometimes, it uses more than 60% CPU even if you are not running any scanning program.

Anyhow, this problem can be sorted out Also. CPU is being used by a component of Avast antivirus software called Avast cleanup. Simply go to the component section and remove the cleanup component. Now your system is faster.

Last Words

These were the features of Avast software. Overall, it is a well reputed and a well-performing software and also available for free so you can use it for your devices and virtual data protection from being infected or hacked.

Avira antivirus for 2019

Avira is not only an antivirus but it also provides strong protection against ransomware, malware, phishing and fraud websites but you may want to know that is Avira antivirus for 2019 worthy? Avira free protection suit contains all the basic protection layers while the pro version is ultimate will be better than free.

Like Avast, Avira also claims to be the most popular and best antivirus. Although, I am not going to compare then but would like to say that Avira does not slow down system like Avast.

In this article, I shall talk about the features of Avira. Let’s start reading about it.

Avira Antivirus for 2019 – Protection Overview

This software not only protects you from the virus but also from ransomware and malware. Anyhow, the free version cannot detect 0-day malware.

According to our test, Avira scanning speed is also good. Finally, it is a good security choice for personal and business uses.

Avira Software Updater

Updating your programs/software is very important. The updates include security enhancement and also remove bugs. Hence it is very important to update your applications.

I can understand, some persons who do not have much knowledge of tech cannot understand how to do such tasks. Avaira makes it simple and you can update your applications with a few clicks.

Avira Antivirus Does not Slow Down System

Recently, I wrote an article about Avast. There is told that although Avast is a very good antivirus its CPU usage is too much even when you are not running any scan and finally your system slows down.

Avira does not slow down your system and its CPU is less. Further, it provides Avira Free System Speedup which cleans your system and optimizes it’s so that you can use it without any hinder.

Avira Safe Shopping

Do you shop online? Then Avira is safe shopping is specifically for you. This component works the same as Avast and finds the best deals at a better price.

Avira SafeSearch Plus

Avira provides an extension called Safe Search. This extension can be installed in all the popular browsers and its job is to block phishing, fraud and other infected sites.

Avira Password Manager

Avira password manager helps you to add an additional layer of security between your data and hackers. Using Avira password manager, you only have to remember a master password to access your information. You can also use a single account on multiple devices. Avira password manager is available for free of cost.

Avira VPN to Browse Anonymously

Avira is also offering VPN. There are free as well as paid versions available of VPN anyhow, there are limitations with the free version. Using the free version, you can not download unlimited files. Free and paid versions make sure that you are fully anonymous. You can choose the desired location from 38 countries. They provide DNS leak protection, military level encryption, support multiple devices. VPN is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and browsers.

Sum up: Avira Antivirus for 2019

Avira antivirus has all those features which are the requirements of this era. I would recommend using a free version if you use your system just for personal purposes but choose their pro plan if you use your devices for business purposes.

Total AV software review

Total AV is also a well-reputed antivirus or virtual data protection software. This software is being offered by which is based in the UK. Here I would talk about Total AV software review 2019 including its pros and cons, available and missing features and pricing.

Total AV Review – Virus & Malware Protection

Total AV provides good protection against virus and malware and other online threats. Its real-time monitoring keeps you fully protected from cyber attackers.

Virus and malware protection with the free version is not excellent or simple call that it is below the average.

Total AV Review – Optimize your System

Total AV helps you to keep your system at its maximum speed. It offers junk, cache and history removal which will ultimately remove unnecessary files and load on CPU will reduce. Hence your system will work accurately.

Total AV Review – Browser Security

Your browser is secure with Total AV as it builds a strong layer for your protection. Total AV protects you from phishing, hacking and malicious sites so that no one can access your data.

Total AV Review – Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is very dangerous. It can destroy your personal and business data within minutes and then you have to pay huge amounts to hackers to get your data back. By using total AV, you are fully secure your ransomware.

Total AV Review – Supported Devices

You can use Total AV software of Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. Although, all the devices are compatible and software works well but I found negative reviews that it does not work well on Mac devices. Try it yourself and tell us by commenting on this post.

Total AV Review – Lack of Advanced Features

Total AV is not offering some advanced features which are being offered by all the other Antivirus software providers. Like, they are not providing password manager, VPN, gaming mode, parental controls along with this security suite.

Total AV web shields work only with Chrome and Firefox and do not support any other web browsers.

Above was the review of total AV software. Now let’s sum up all the pros and cons as a list.

Total AV Pros:

· Good virus and malware protection (free version not too good)

· Optimize your system

· Remove Cache and Junk files

· Clear browser unnecessary files

· Ransomware Protection

· Browser security, protection from fraud, phishing

· Support all the popular type of devices

Total AV Cons:

· Antivirus of the free version is below than average

· No gaming mode

· No parental control

· No password manager

· Web shield works only with Chrome and Firefox

· The software does not work well on Mac

This was an honest review of Total AV 2019. This was our experience, what is yours? Must tell about your experience by comments.

AVG software for Iphone

AVG is a popular and well-reputed security brand in the market. It is providing antivirus, VPN, system optimizer and many other security features or many called software as an individual package for personal as well as businesses. You can use its apps on every device and operating system. Anyhow, there are only two supported AVG software for iPhone.

Unfortunately, AVG antivirus cannot be used on the iPhone. iOS does not allow any antivirus software to take control of your device. As compared to Android, Apple does not like can not give much control on your iOS devices, hence usually applications who ask for deep controls over devices are not allowed which will ultimately keep you protect.

The biggest example is the antivirus. You can not install an antivirus or anti-malware application. Anyhow, Apple’s iOS is itself responsible for such issues and their program is strong enough to detect and remove them.

Do iPhone and iPad need Antivirus?

No, iOS devices do not need any antivirus and anti-malware software or app. Luckily, the security of iOS is fully advance and Apple makes endless efforts to keep its users secure.

As I already told that iOS is designed in a way that apps can not take access over your device, unlike Android phones. Further, the Apple store only lists software after making sure that it is sure for users.

iPhone and iPad devices only can be infected if you have enabled jailbreak and you are installing an app from any outsource. Malicious apps are the only way by which your devices can be damaged.

What is the AVG Software for iPhone and iPad?

Currently, AVG is offering two types of software for the iPhone and iPad. First one is AVG VPN and the second one is AVG Family Safety app. In this article, we would discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both applications so that you can make an easy decision.

AVG VPN for iPhone

AVG offers a virtual private network (VPN) free and paid versions. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s do a side by side comparison.

Advantages of AVG VPN for iPhone

AVG VPN is easy to use the app with secure bank-level encryption. You can choose the desired location from 50 available locations.

Take a look at their other features:

· No virus or malware

· Bank level encryption

· Browse fully anonymously

· 50 locations

· The free version also being offered

· Great support

· User-friendly (Easy to use)

· No browsing or downloading limit

· Up to 5 devices can be connected using a single account.

Disadvantages of AVG VPN for iPhone

On the other side, there are many cons of AVG VPN.

· Slow speed even on optimized connection

· No clear policy about log files

· Only a few servers support Netflix

· Limited P2P and Torrenting servers

Bottom Line

Based on the reviews of users on Reddit and other social sites, AVG rating is below than average. Seriously, no one would like slow speed and being tracked by anyone when he is paying a handsome amount for that service. Finally, AVG VPN is not being recommended by us for your iPhones, iPads and even for Android or Windows.

AVG Family Safety Application

AVG Family Safety app is a browser which can be installed on the iPhone and iPad. It has two modes one is filtering and the other is monitoring. It not only provides you protection but also can be used by parents to block sites that are harmful to their children.

Advantages of AVG Family Safety App

Pros of AVG Family Safety application or browser includes:

· Parental Controls

· Protection against fraud and phishing sites

· Protection from malicious content

· AVG does not track prevents websites from collecting your activities

Disadvantages of AVG Family Safety App

There are no major cons to this application. It works great and can be marked as better for ease of use. Anyhow, below are the minor disadvantages that I noticed:

· Lack of advanced tools

· Some sites need to add manually

· No call monitoring

Bottom Line

AVG Family Safety application is a good software and except Windows, Android, it can also be used on iOS devices.

spectrum antivirus

Spectrum is a brand name under Charter Communications. It is an American based company which is basically providing TV, internet and voice services. It is another matter that is their internet services good enough or not, here we shall only talk about spectrum antivirus.

Its topic will cover all the aspects related to spectrum antivirus, it’s features and level of protection. Let’s take a deep look at their features.

Spectrum Antivirus Real-Time Protection

Spectrum will keep your computer, laptops and other devices fully protected by real-time analyzing the running programs. It will protect your devices from viruses, malicious applications, spyware, Trojans, ransomware, etc.

Automatic Virus Removal Process

Manual actions are not being liked a lot especially in such an era of technology. Spectrum security suit is providing the facility of automatically virus removal.

You will receive notification about every action that this application will take for your system’s security. After confirmation, infected program or file will be removed or recovered if possible.

Spectrum Security Firewall

Security suite includes a firewall which is available for Windows and Mac devices. Its purpose is to provide a secure internet connection to its users and protect from unauthorized sources that try access your computer.

Spectrum Browsing Protection

This feature allows determining which website is safe and which one is harmful. Spectrum security gives grades to each website. Harmful sites are marked as F.

When you will open a link having F grade, it will show a message of warning. Anyhow, you can bypass this message to visit that site but it is not recommended. The only problem is, this feature is only available for Windows users.

Spyware Protection

You may be familiar with spyware and its working method. It is a type of software which is installed on your computer. Its purpose is to steal your data which might be personal information like password or might be your habits like browsing timeline and your interest.

This information is used by advertisers to serve ads or by hackers who want to harm you. Spectrum security suit simple detects such software and remove then after your permission.

Protection from 0-day Virus and Malware

Spectrum security uses cloud-based security to ensure that their users are fully secured while browsing online. It can detect new threats either it is a virus, ransomware, spyware software or any malicious program.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Mac and Windows users. Mobile users can not take advantage of this protection feature.

Parents Have Controls

Spectrum antivirus security also includes a parental control option. You as a parent can monitor the activities of your child. You are also allowed to block suspicious and harmful sites so that your child stay away from inappropriate websites.

Use Spectrum Security on 10 Devices with one Account

They allow up to 10 devices under the same account. Unfortunately, they are only facilitating Windows and Mac users.

What is the Cost of Spectrum Security Suit?

Security suit with all the features that told above is absolutely free with every spectrum internet subscription. You can freely use antivirus as long as you are an active subscriber of their any package plan.