Spectrum is a brand name under Charter Communications. It is an American based company which is basically providing TV, internet and voice services. It is another matter that is their internet services good enough or not, here we shall only talk about spectrum antivirus.

Its topic will cover all the aspects related to spectrum antivirus, it’s features and level of protection. Let’s take a deep look at their features.

Spectrum Antivirus Real-Time Protection

Spectrum will keep your computer, laptops and other devices fully protected by real-time analyzing the running programs. It will protect your devices from viruses, malicious applications, spyware, Trojans, ransomware, etc.

Automatic Virus Removal Process

Manual actions are not being liked a lot especially in such an era of technology. Spectrum security suit is providing the facility of automatically virus removal.

You will receive notification about every action that this application will take for your system’s security. After confirmation, infected program or file will be removed or recovered if possible.

Spectrum Security Firewall

Security suite includes a firewall which is available for Windows and Mac devices. Its purpose is to provide a secure internet connection to its users and protect from unauthorized sources that try access your computer.

Spectrum Browsing Protection

This feature allows determining which website is safe and which one is harmful. Spectrum security gives grades to each website. Harmful sites are marked as F.

When you will open a link having F grade, it will show a message of warning. Anyhow, you can bypass this message to visit that site but it is not recommended. The only problem is, this feature is only available for Windows users.

Spyware Protection

You may be familiar with spyware and its working method. It is a type of software which is installed on your computer. Its purpose is to steal your data which might be personal information like password or might be your habits like browsing timeline and your interest.

This information is used by advertisers to serve ads or by hackers who want to harm you. Spectrum security suit simple detects such software and remove then after your permission.

Protection from 0-day Virus and Malware

Spectrum security uses cloud-based security to ensure that their users are fully secured while browsing online. It can detect new threats either it is a virus, ransomware, spyware software or any malicious program.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Mac and Windows users. Mobile users can not take advantage of this protection feature.

Parents Have Controls

Spectrum antivirus security also includes a parental control option. You as a parent can monitor the activities of your child. You are also allowed to block suspicious and harmful sites so that your child stay away from inappropriate websites.

Use Spectrum Security on 10 Devices with one Account

They allow up to 10 devices under the same account. Unfortunately, they are only facilitating Windows and Mac users.

What is the Cost of Spectrum Security Suit?

Security suit with all the features that told above is absolutely free with every spectrum internet subscription. You can freely use antivirus as long as you are an active subscriber of their any package plan.