Data security is a major concern for business owners because a company’s success depends on its integrity. It is important for executives to freely store, share and work with sensitive documents in the online space, as it is easier and more efficient and therefore increases the mobility and productivity of their business. But not all data storage and sharing platforms are suitable for business operations. Virtual data rooms are professional spaces for handling sensitive documents. This article will highlight key security features and the most secure VDR providers.

Features of Virtual Data Rooms: what makes them secure?

Virtual Data Rooms are cloud-based solutions but differ from public cloud spaces in many ways. In addition, they are licensed platforms to international security standards that provide advanced security technologies, among them:

  • Powerful encryption methods

Encryption is a security method in which data is encrypted during transmission, which protects it from unauthorized viewing and theft. Modern VDR encryption capabilities also encode documents in the state of storage. You can’t decrypt documents unless you have permission to view them.

  • Detail settings for document restrictions

Reliable data room providers will offer options to customize the level of access other users have to a document. This means that administrators can prohibit or allow the ability to copy, print, download, forward, and edit the document. The space also allows you to limit partial visibility of the paper, and ultimately the control and security of the data become much greater.

  • Digital Watermark

Watermarks are markers embedded in documents to protect the copyright of their owner. Watermarks are also useful in that they allow you to track who has done what to the papers, which in case of data leakage, will allow you to identify the source of the data quickly.

  • Two Factor Authentication

This feature protects against unauthorized entry into the data room and requires a two-step verification of identity. First, users must enter not only a username and password but also a one-time code to be sent to their phone or email.

  • PIN and location tracking

Additional data leak protection shows where and when users log into the data room.

  • Audit logs

The program automatically reports on user activity, thus providing administrators with useful analytics that can be used to track user behavior and intentions.

Secure VDR providers

You cannot count the number of VDRs on the market, but this does not mean that all of them are of equal quality. Below we will highlight the list of the safest data room solutions for 2022:

  • DealRoom

The provider focuses on making deals and projects easier and more efficient and offers its customers impeccable security, a simplified interface, and deep artificial intelligence analytics. As a result, DealRoom is now one of the best providers in the M&A industry.

  • Intralinks

Intralinx is an experienced provider that provides efficient services during complex business transactions. The provider offers a strong security infrastructure, but its settings don’t vary much, but you can be sure that Intralinks keeps your data safe.

  • iDeals

iDeals is the most requested VDR provider today, not only because it offers services for various industries, an intuitive interface, and flexible settings, but also because it is one of the most secure solutions with additional security measures like fence views. In addition,

iDeals has a responsive support team, which customers greatly appreciate.

  • DataSite

Datasite is an extremely reliable data room provider with extensive experience. It offers all standard and advanced VDR features, including customizable branding.